Precision Instrumentation


The product is a complicated precision bearing assembly of over 50 piece parts. When assembled it must pass a rigorous functional test, where a number of different attributes are analysed. In order to pass the tests the product had to be disassembled and reassembled a number of times.  When the volumes began increasing it was apparent our processes were incompatible with tighter time frames and deliveries could be unreliable.


The manufacturing processes were analysed and as a result various measures were introduced. Critical dimensions of key components were identified and tolerances were adapted to ensure increased reliability of the assembly operation.  Customer drawings were updated and manufacturing stage drawings were developed for each operation to ensure a smooth flow from one operation to another.  Significant characteristics of components were identified and SPC Control charts developed to reduce variation in manufacturing of these parts. Internal packaging was designed and procured to protect parts. Stock buffers and a single robust priority system for internal orders was put in place to ensure a full kit of parts was always available for assembly.


Capacity and output doubled in less than three months whilst increasing delivery performance to 100% and reducing rework to almost zero.