Test Instrument


The client had orders for an assembled instrument to fulfil within one month, however, three cast components were unavailable for assembly. The casting dies had reached the end of their life and needed replacement.  The cost of replacement dies would not give a return for many years and the lead time to replace them would mean many orders were lost. The client approached us to see if we could provide a solution to enable their orders to be fulfilled and still maintain a reasonable margin.


To machine from solid in lieu of casting.  The casting samples and drawings were re-designed for the key features in a way that supported rapid machining times, yet still maintained the aesthetic qualities required. The drawings were fully dimensioned and toleranced. Prototypes were produced for the client sign off, and in the meantime materials were procured using Javelin.  These were then machined from solid using the reserved overtime capacity and prioritised through the system on Ropeweaver. The finished parts were treated and painted and delivered to the customer in time for them to fulfil the orders that same month.


In a very short period of time, innovative solution delivered to the client allowing them to protect their sales and margins both in the short term as well as the long term.