Machined Component Reliability


The client sells testing solution products that requires a standard instrument with special bespoke tools to function in specific environments. It is important for the client to give their customers a standard lead time for the instruments and the tools. Tenon is responsible for ensuring stock of the standard instrument and supplying all the bespoke tools. The lead time offered to our client’s customers is shorter than the competition and they see this as a major advantage. Reliability is, however, key.


Within minutes we can give a lead time to our customer which is always within the standard lead time as Tenon invests in spare capacity in this area. Capacity is analysed on Ropeweaver, if the lead times are getting close to the client’s standard lead time then capacity is increased to shorten the lead times. Ropeweaver’s priority management execution system ensures the planned date is always met.


Customer has confidence in the due dates quoted are 100% reliable.