Product Development


The client had a fabricated and machined assembly in use on their production line without all the detailed manufacturing drawings available. They needed to replace their existing assembly as fast as possible and also wanted a detailed set of drawings for all the parts. The existing assembly would not last much longer and without it the production line would stop. However, there were budget limitations.


We had to fully understand the functional requirements of the finished assembly, check the detailed drawings that were available. Design and develop the parts in a way that was easy to manufacture to keep the costs low. This included fully dimensioning and tolerancing the drawings. Once the drawings were created, agreed and signed off, the part manufacture was underway in sheet metal and machining. The parts were manufactured and assembled and then taken to the client for testing and approval. The overall project was managed using Critical Chain and had a dedicated engineer as Project Manager.


The project completed on time, to budget and the product performed “better than the original”. All drawings were completed and a set of spare parts for the future identified.