How we deliver it

 Manufacturing Systems

Supply Chain Management

Together Javelin and Ropeweaver provide the information on replenishment to ensure the products we agree to stock for our customers are always available when required.

Engineering and Quality Systems

In addition to ISO 9001, Tenon is ROHS compliant and uses SPC, Control plans and FMEA techniques to support our clients quality requirements.

Our engineering team are experts in the use of 3D Autodesk Inventor and Openmind CAM systems to quickly turn clients designs into stage drawings and then the physical property.

Engineering projects are managed using Critical Chain based Concerto software. This enables the entire company (and our clients) to visibly see, on the web, the daily status of projects.  Implementation of Javelin software enables Tenon to ensures all orders are transitioned seamlessly through the entire process from engineering, supply chain management and manufacture.

Manufacturing Systems

We use Javelin ERP for control from Sales Order through to delivery and invoice, including shop floor data capture.

Ropeweaver is a scheduling system that ensures due dates given are based on capacity constraints resulting in a realistic and achievable plan. In executing the plan, Ropeweaver visually prioritises the work orders using buffer management to ensure any unexpected delays or issues are dealt with effectively without impacting delivery dates. This enables us to give you the status information you require.

Seiki Systems monitor the productivity of our machines providing us with the information to squeeze further capacity from them.